Couple Torture Their Kids in California Home

Jonathan Lara and Edited by: Sophia Axiotis

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On January 14, 2018, a 17-year-old girl fled from her home in Perris, California to call 911.  This would soon be a decision that would change her life forever.  Police officials were informed that the girl, along with her 12 siblings, had been brutally tortured and abused by their parents for years.  What was inside the house was even more bizarre. Deputies arrived to find “a 22-year-old chained to a bed,” while the home “reeked of human waste.”  It has since been learned that not only were the children confined in their own home, but they were “chained to furniture, starved and often deprived the use of a toilet.”  

The parents, David and Louise Turpin, were arrested and taken into court on Thursday, January 18, 2018.  The couple has since denied the charges, including torture, child abuse, and false imprisonment.  David Turpin is also being charged with one account of a lewd act against a minor.  The child abuse allegedly started 17 years ago, when the family lived in Texas.  In 2010, the Turpin family moved to California where the abuse started to become more severe and pervasive.  The children were only allowed to shower once a year and almost never visited doctors and had never seen a dentist.  They were completely malnourished when the police officials found them in their Perris house, with the eldest, at the age of 29, only weighing 84 pounds.  

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The 13 siblings, ages 2-29, are safe now, but still have a long road left until recovery.  According to experts, the children are going to require years of therapy in order to “live in a world they never really knew.”  Besides therapy, psychologists recommend keeping the children as close together as possible, to prevent additional trauma.  Despite all the suffering and abuse the siblings have been through, chief executive Patricia Costales believes the children will be able to live relatively normal lives.  Costales says that though “their brains are still adapting,” the children must now learn “what relationships are like, what the world is like, and how they’re supposed to be treated.”


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Couple Torture Their Kids in California Home