Canyon vs. Foothill RECAP- Varsity Boys Basketball

Tessa Clark and Edited by: Sophia Axiotis

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Varsity Boys Basketball beats Foothill on January 16th.

In the first period, Foothill was ahead with eighteen points, with Canyon only three points behind. By the second period Canyon fought back and earned 33 points, while Foothill fell behind at 26.  During third period Canyon scored 54, and Foothill was at 41 points.  At the final period Foothill tried to regain their lead but lost by eighteen points with Canyon at a whopping 75: Foothill lost at 57. Many cheered or shook their heads with disappointment, but through all of it most would agree it was a great game filled with great sportsmanship and determination.

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Canyon vs. Foothill RECAP- Varsity Boys Basketball