AP Exam Fees

Kailan Chang and Edited By Shanya Rod

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Attention students, anyone planning on taking any of the AP exams from May 7 to May 18 can purchase their fees from the time period of time period  Jan. 17 to Feb. 23. The exams are on sale before school, during lunch, and at nutrition in the Student Center. The cost is $94.00 per test. Checks are accepted and must be addressed to Canyon High School. The AP exams available for purchase (listed in chronological order of testing) include:

  • AP Chemistry (May 7, AM),
  • AP Psychology (May 7, PM),
  • AP Spanish Language and Culture (May 8, AM),
  • AP Art History (May 8, PM),
  • AP Physics 1: Algebra Based (May 8, PM). AP Literature and Comp (May 9, AM),
  • AP United States Government (May 10, AM),
  • AP Chinese Language and Culture (May 10, PM),
  • AP United States History (May 11, AM),
  • AP Computer Science Principles (May 11, PM),
  • AP Biology (May 14, AM),
  • AP Music History (May 14, AM),
  • AP Music Theory (May 14, AM),
  • AP Physics C: Mechanics (May 14, PM),
  • AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism (May 14, PM),
  • AP Calculus AB (May 15, AM), AP Calculus BC (May 15, AM),
  • AP Spanish Literature and Culture (May 15, PM),
  • AP Computer Science A (May 15, PM),
  • AP English Language and Comp (May 16, AM),
  • AP Macroeconomics (May 16, PM),
  • AP World History (May 17, AM),
  • AP Comparative Gov and Politics (May 17, AM),
  • AP Statistics (May 17, PM),
  • AP Human Geography (May 18, AM),
  • AP Microeconomics (May 18, AM),
  • AP European History (May 18, PM).

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AP Exam Fees