Winter Concert-2019


Siraj Bajwa, Writer

The Canyon Instrumental Performing Arts (CIPA) put on quite the show on Wednesday, December 11th. Parents, families, and friends gathered to see fruition of months of hard work. Canyon students got in for free, and parents were charged $3. The Canyon cafeteria was bursting with energy, and they should have. The performances were phenomenal. Presentations from the jazz band to a full orchestra filled the room with elegant to exciting music. There was even a group performance just from students whose auditions were extra amazing. A few students from El Rancho had the chance to put on their own small show, showing promise and giving everyone a taste of what there time at Canyon might look like. One of the groups isn’t even part of a class. They’re an after school group who got to practice once a week for an hour after school hours. these people give up time and effort for this. A group performed the song “Hot Chocolate” because the conductor performed it when he was in high school, and his aunt, who was in the crowd, urged him to do it again. The song “Noelle” was done beautifully, really showing something different about this group: they’re all phenomenal, and Canyon’s orchestra and band is something to behold. Just when it didn’t seem like they could top their last song, everyone came together for a full orchestra, which had not existed till Monday which is super impressive and was pure magic. This also means they only had two days to get together and practice. A mixture of violins, trumpets, and more created such a wholesome vibe in the room. The hard work can definitely be felt in the performances of each and every one of these students. Next time CIPA has an event, go check it out! Support the performing arts and your fellow students!