Lucasfilm and Porsche Co-design a New Star Wars Starfighter

Quentin Rivest, Writer

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  Back on Oct. 23, Porsche announced it would be working with Lucasfilm to create a new ship for Star Wars.

  The ship they created is called the Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter, and is said to have aspects of the Porsche 911 and Porsche Taycan, while still looking like a Star Wars ship.

  Unfortunately, the new starfighter won’t be featured in the newest Star Wars movie “Rise of Skywalker.” Tech Crunch article Porsche and Lucasfilm co-designed a new starfighter for the Star Wars universe by Darrell Etherington said, “Note that the S-91x won’t actually be in the movie ─ it’s more of a design exercise and promotional thing than something that is actually intended to feature in narrative Star Wars universe content.”

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  Over the span of six weeks, seven designers from Porsche and seven from Lucasfilm worked together to create a new Star Wars spaceship. In the design brief, the designer’s were told by Doug Chiang, the VP Executive Creative Director of Lucasfilm, to, “imagine that it’s going to be a blend between the x-wing and the y-wing and the u-wing, with the Porsche Taycan.”

  They were also given design specifications: it could have a max of four engines with a minimum of two, two pilots with a max crew of five, large cargo door for other passengers, possibly two front entry doors, and it has to be a good guy ship, so, friendly looking (i.e., no all black ships).

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  For the first week, the Porsche and Lucasfilm teams of designers were separate, and came up with sketches for ideas of what the ship could look like. For the second week, the heads of each team both collaborated to see what direction they would go. Then the two teams worked together for the third and fourth week to further clarify their design ideas and put them together, and in the last two weeks they refined it into a 3D digital model.

  Currently it’s being built as a 5-foot-long subscale model, which will be showcased at the Rise of Skywalker premiere in L.A. later this month.