Harry Styles Fine Line Album Review: Track By Track

Nadia Harman, Writer

Fine Line Album coverOn Friday Dec. 13 Harry Styles released his second album in his solo career “Fine Line.” Many fans were awaiting this album after 2017’s self titled album. No one knew what to expect from this album but the first single ‘Lights Up’ dropped in early November really out of nowhere along with a video. The album came with many surprises such as the third single to come out ‘Adore You’ with a seven minute video based around the fictional island of “Eroda.” To say that this album met expectations would be an understatement. Every track was different and unique and sounds different than the first record. 

Golden: This song was a nice intro to the record and very catchy. It’s not something you would typically expect from Styles and sounds more like something you would hear on a more indie sounding band or a classic 70s bands like Fleetwood Mac. It’s a nice touch to the album and really introduces you to everything else that’s to come. 

Watermelon Sugar: A fun song that sounds like something heard during the summer. The harmonies during the chorus make you want to dance around and the horns are a very nice touch. A lot of fruit references which from this song which could be a metaphor or maybe Styles just really enjoys fruit, who knows. 

Adore You: The last single of the album the week before the album debuted. This song is more of a mainstream pop song. It’s a mix of electrical sounding rhythms with guitar in the background and a fun guitar solo. A common occurrence so far in this album is the amazing backing vocals and harmonies that compliment Styles singing. 

Lights Up: The first single from the album and one of the best on the album. Starts soft and dancy and then once the chorus hits, the groove really pays off. This song is a great song to blast in your car and sing along to. The soft piano also gives the song an element that completes it and would make it so different if it were not there in the end. Styles says “For me, this song is about freedom. It’s about self-reflection and self-discovery and just, like freedom. A couple things that I’ve thought about and I guess wrestle with a little bit over the last couple years. It’s kind of like just accepting all of those things. It’s a very positive song to me.” 

Cherry: One of the saddest songs on the album. An acoustic guitar driven song. The song begins with a recording of Styles Ex French model girlfriend of a year Camille Rowe who many have claimed many of these songs are about. He seems to be so heartbroken over this girl whom not many know much about. The entire song is about his heartbreak and how she’s now dating Theodorakis Niarchos, a wealthy gallerist. The end of the song makes you feel as if you’re floating, a fly on the wall listening to a moment not many would hear. Rowe’s voicemail is at the end speaking in french where someone translated her to saying “Hello! Are you asleep? Oh, I’m sorry…” “Well, no… Nope, it’s not important …” “ Well then … We went to the beach and now we- Perfect! Harry” 

Falling: Another ballad that is very heartbreaking. Many theories on this song say it’s either about Styles Ex girlfriend Rowe or Taylor Swift who famously dated Styles from fall 2012 to winter 2013. Obviously we can speculate about what it’s about but no one besides Styles and his band will truly know. The piano and raw vocals really drive this album. Don’t listen to this after a break up otherwise you’ll cry your eyes out. 

To be so lonely: This song has to be another one of the greatest songs on the album. More light,upbeat song than the past two songs and really personal. The guitar intro and the instrumentation makes you bop your head. This song isn’t one of the happiest but it’s still amazing and very real. 

She: Another song that is reminiscent of Fleetwood mac or even sounds like a song you would hear of the Black Keys “Turn Blue” album. It’s very groovy and a song you can easily sway to.  The six minute long song has very strong guitar leads that drives the song. 

Sunflower, Vol 6: This song is very different than anything else on the album. Another song with the backing vocals that compliment the entire song really well. Another summer sounding song that can be blasted on something like a road trip. The ending of this tune is very fun and unique. 

Canyon Moon: Very Allman Brothers sounding song. A more hopeful sound of reminiscing about better days and wanting to go back. Maybe even about what is to come in Styles life. This song would be really good to hear live. According to Rolling Stone Magazine this is Styles inspiration, Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac’s favorite song on the album. 

Stevie Nicks and Styles on Friday DEc. !3 at Styles album live debut at the Inglewood Forum singing Fleetwood Mac's Landslide

Treat People With Kindness: A mantra Styles has said since his first solo album. Commonly shortened by styles and his fans to TPWK. Many fans see those letters and know Styles has to be involved. This is a joyful song and sounds like a reminder of early 70’s funk and late 60’s Motown leading towards disco. This song should definitely be the closing song on the upcoming tour. 

Fine Line: The closing track of the album and the namesake of the album. A very interesting choice to finish the album with. Another ballad and the chorus repeats “We’ll be a fine line.” Styles falsetto vocals bring this album to a close. 

The album is phenomenal and nothing like the first album which is refreshing because no one wants to hear a repeat and it’s interesting seeing what else Styles is capable of doing. The same influential style is shown but nothing is the exact same. He wasn’t trying to make ‘Kiwi’ part two or Sign of the Times again it was all straightforward of the moment here is what he is feeling now and here is how he has changed emotionally.