List of Appreciation

Callan Engstrom

Ten things that I’ve learned to appreciate this quarantine:

  1. That I am at home with an extremely loving and supportive family
  2. My amazing and wonderful dog, Dawson
  3. That I have access to a personal phone and laptop to do my schoolwork on
  4. That my teachers are being considerate and accommodating for online work
  5. That my friends are always staying in touch
  6. That Minecraft server my friends and I played on every day for the first 2 weeks of quarantine
  7. That people in OC are pretty good at social distancing and wearing masks
  8. That my Grandparents are staying safe and healthy
  9. How hard audition-in classes are working to make their classes for next year
  10. The calendar on my wall, which is basically the only thing letting me know what day it is anymore.