The Moon and The Flower Poem

It was March,
When the moon and the flower met,
And little did they know,
That they loved each other,
More than they thought

The flower was simple,
As she flowed in the wind,

The moon was was bright,
But so far away,
From the little flower

It was on that day,
That the flower looked up,
And saw the moon,
And instantly fell in love

The little flower couldn’t fall in love though,
Until she reached the moon,
And confessed her undying love
But she knew she couldn’t,
The moon was too far

She would lay there in the meadow,
In her home,
And wonder,
If she could ever confess her love,
To the moon

But she knew it would be hard,
So instead,
She watched the moon from afar,
Admiring his beauty
He shined brightly,
He glowed,
He smiled down from the midnight sky,
And never took his eyes off the little flower

This made her happy,
He never looked away from her,
He was always in his place,
Among the stars

But on that March morning,
The little flower suddenly saw something change in him.
He was leaving,
Lowering from the starry night,
And slowly disappeared from her sight

She panicked,
Wondering when he would come back,
She hadn’t confessed her love yet,
And he was already gone

All day,
She wept,
Wondering when he would be back,
Or if he would even return,
She waited what felt like years for the moon to come back

The bright daylight was like hell to her,
To the little flower,
She wanted the calm night to come back,
She missed the stars,
She missed her love,
The moon

Just as she was starting to lose all hope,
The night came,
The moon greeted her,
With a smile,
He came back,
He finally came back to her

She couldn’t believe it,
The moon came back for her

The flower greeted him.
With an excited wave,
She cried tears of joy,
For her love

She understood,
He would leave for the day,
And come back at night,
And she missed him like crazy,
But once he came back,
She cried tears every time

She didn’t know how to confess her love just yet,
But she wanted to,
To tell him how much she loved him,
Even if it took a miracle

But for now,
All she had to do was wait,
Every day,
To see her love,
Every night

She never knew what he thought of her,
But all she had to do was wait,
Until he gave her a sign,
To show his undying love for her

The little flower loved the moon dearly,
And she didn’t know the moon loved her all the same,
But he did,
He loved her to death

One day they would see each other,
And confess to each other,
They’re endless love,
As endless as the stars,
And as undying as the galaxies