How to Make Perfect Pancakes in Under 15 Minutes

Listen up Comanches – If any of you have ever taken a health class or spoken to a nutritionist, it has been said that breakfast IS the most important meal of the day and it should not be INGORED!! Since school is virtual and most of us are at home these days….we have the ability to actually MAKE BREAKFAST. Gone are the days of running out of the house with your phone in one hand and a granola bar in the other. Below is a quick and tasty recipe that is easy to make and checks the ever important box – nutritious.

1 cup of Bisquick Pancake Mix
½ cup of milk
1 egg
¾ cup of chocolate chips
1 tsp of butter
Medium-sized pan and bowl

Add the mix, milk, and egg into a bowl
Stir until it is smooth and there are no bumps.
Add the chocolate chips and stir.
Put the stove at medium heat and spread the butter on the pan.
Pour the mix onto the pan and spread it evenly.
Cook one side for 5-7 minutes, then flip and cook the other side.
Make sure the edges are cooked.
Once they are, take the pancakes off the pan.