A Charity Everyone Should Know About

With unpredictable natural disasters, poverty, and less resources in third world countries, charities and other non-profit organizations are more important than ever. As people with access to food, water, and shelter, it is important to be aware of people who are less fortunate and to be grateful. With the recent pandemic, schooling for many children has become remote. This leaves students responsible to join online meetings and complete their assignments from their home. However, how will kids from less fortunate homes be able to complete their work without a device? Well, this is where One Laptop per Child comes in.

One Laptop per Child is a non-profit organization established with the goal to transform children’s education around the world and distribute devices used for learning. The charity also creates software and content for the devices. One Laptop per Child was founded in January of 2005 by Nicholas Negroponte. The charity emphasizes the significance of a proper education for children and strives to improve the learning conditions for all students. Their specific teams guide clients to implement effective integration of technology into their classrooms. The programs they offer help to implement changes in communities. The non-profit organization is powered by “Fundación Zamora Terán”, which is a non-profit organization that spreads their knowledge of digital tools to small communities in third-world countries.

Their services can help teacher training, program design, and technical support. In teacher training, teams empower teachers with the proper instructions and hire experts to train and enable agents of change. With program design, technology-based training programs help schools, staff, and volunteers to navigate through everyday obstacles using various digital tools, methods, and solutions. Lastly, technical support works alongside staff to ensure that everything is running smoothly and fixes any technical problems that may arise as a result of the software used in classrooms.

In conclusion, OLPC is an incredible charity with an even more incredible cause. The quality of education we create for students today is what will be the blueprint of the next generation. Every student deserves the equal opportunity to thrive academically.

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