Comanche Senior Sunrise: The Rise of a New Year


Gabriel Lopez, Writer

To kick off the 2021-2022 school year, our very own seniors went to Inspiration Point in Corona Del Mar to watch the sunrise. This is a Canyon senior tradition that is intended to mark a new school year. This year’s Sunrise was a little more impactful, as it’s showing a return to a somewhat normal school year after two school years that were anything but normal. This year’s Sunrise had many fun things for seniors to enjoy, such as Spikeball and Donuts. Many brought breakfast and lounge towels to enjoy the view. 

“…Koby brought tons of donuts, so everybody had a little breakfast. Played a little games, I think spike ball was there. Pretty much everyone just hung out on blankets, kinda looked at the beach and some went in the water. ” – Zack Meyers, Canyon Senior

This Canyon tradition is a tried and true Senior activity that gives participants an opportunity to socialize with other students, though at the expenditure of having to wake up early, and sets a positive trend for their final year as Canyon Comanches.

“… It was fun because I was surrounded like by my peers and stuff and overall had a great time, even though I had to wake up early.” – Jacob Symensma, Canyon Senior 

“…I saw some of my classmates that I don’t get to see outside of school, which I thought was fun. I think it was a really good tradition that they should keep up every year. I know it’s been going on for years and I don’t think we should end it anytime soon.” – Christian Lewin, Canyon Senior

The Senior Sunrise this year was  especially meaningful to many as this is the first time they’ve been on campus in nearly 2 years. This, according to them, was a sentimental experience and a positive way to kick off the last year that they can call themselves Comanches. 

“…The idea of book-ending the start and end of my senior year is quite meaningful. I was around friends that I have been close to for many years and that’s worth more than anything.” – Senior who wished to remain anonymous