2018-2019 Staff

Valerie Alcala

Loves watching rom-coms Adores puppies! Worships watching Netflix Fancies bone-rattling Talenti gelato Enjoys lunch time Cringes at herself Hangs with her best buds Plays way too much Candy Crush

Abby Gweon

Adores dogs Dislikes science Fears holes Plays Geometry Dash Loves myself Cringes at my life

Emily Hernandez

Loves Art Adores snakes Dislikes Math Fancies brownies Enormous ego Enjoys drawing Drinks Coke Plays Nintendo Emily Happily Family-friendly

Jakhaylah Jefferson

Loves listening to music Hates running Abhors chitlins Adores dogs Dislikes math Worships dancing Fancies sour patch watermelon kids Loathes Mickey Mouse Club House Into hip hop and R&B Enormous nose Fears spiders Proud...

Amanda Quach

Adores pigs Into alternative indie Enormous heart Fears betrayal Cringes at small talk Reads tweets Drinks cherry cola I'm a film freak

Caleb Merold

I love volleyball I love a good ole push-pop I'm really into rock n roll My biggest fear is snakes I'm very proud of my guitar playing I love to watch The Office I'm a guitar freak

Ben Malo

I love waterpolo I listen to rap I am proud of my son, Tyler Alexander I hate getting out of bed I watch sports I hang with the boys and, I play croquet

Gracie McAlister

I love to be with friends. I hate bowling and Yahtzee. My favorite animal is a narwhal. My favorite sport is quittedge. I hate the Teletubbies. My favorite author is Edgar Allan Poe. My best friend is Allie McCartt. I'm...

Felipe Serrato

Loves Video Games Adores ferrets Into 80s rock Fears ghosts Cringes at anime Watches kitchen nightmare Drinks Coke Zero Plays Fallout

Hanna Saghatchi

Adores dogs Dislikes math Watches Criminal Minds Enjoys English and History Drinks Ice tea Dreams of studying Pyschology.

Percy Ragsdale

Loves to sing Adores snakes Into alternative music Enormous geek Reads Rainbow Rowell and Becky Albertalli Drinks sweet tea Dreams of being a teacher

Jayla Jerro

Loves writing Enjoys cheer and performing Favorite movies are comedies and romances Loves to eat Smiling is her favorite