Noelle Martinez

  1. Hello! I am Noelle Martinez :)

  2. I am a senior this year at Canyon High School. 

  3. My favorite food is sushi or any kind of japanese food.

  4. My favorite school supply are colored pens. They make writing school notes and other schoolwork much more colorful and exciting. 

  5. My favorite drink is any kind of iced coffee.

  6. A movie that I enjoy is The Notebook, it’s stayed as my favorite movie ever since I saw it. 

  7. My favorite quote is “be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”- unknown.

  8. My current favorite sport to watch is basketball. 

  9. My favorite TV show is The Office because it’s light hearted and funny. 

  10. My favorite vacation spot is Miami, Florida

Noelle Martinez, Writer

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Noelle Martinez