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Hey Comanches!

Welcome to Smoke Signals – the student run news publication for Canyon High School! All content on this site is produced by students enrolled in Journalism at Canyon High School. As we begin the 50th year of Canyon, a new era is forming; we sense this spirited school year will be filled with new norms, continuing traditions, and exciting stories to tell. 

We are both seniors, and we have seen a lot since the beginning of our time here at Canyon. The first day of freshman year, as all the students walked through the uncovered parking lot, on the steep ramp past construction (dodging all of the dust and noise coming from the excavators), and through the “Old Quad” that was only the “Quad” at the time. With that, most were able to make it with just seconds to spare before 0 period started at 7:30 in the morning. Through the COVID-19 era and mandatory mask mandates, present day now with the gym, cafeteria, and new building complete: we can gladly call this accomplished campus one filled with opportunities to get involved and create everlasting memories.

The trajectory of this new era for Canyon is nothing but bright, and we are going to make sure every part of it is acknowledged and appreciated. The team of Canyon Journalism will work tirelessly to provide students with engaging articles. We would love to thank our team for writing, interviewing, and capturing photos, but we also want to thank the student body who is providing us with everything to write and document for all to enjoy. We’ve learned so much in this school year already, and we are incredibly enthused about the story Canyon life has to voice.

We truly hope that you will enjoy a glimpse of campus life from Journalism’s point of view. All editorials and articles are the opinions of the newspaper staff and do not reflect the opinions of the adviser, school administration, or staff of Canyon High School.

Have a story idea? We would love to hear from you! Ideas can be shared by:

– Genevieve Velarde and Danielle Walker

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