Iran and Russian Government Unite Against Ukraine

Iran is slowly entrenching itself as a player in the Ukraine war.

Hannah Wohl, Writer

As of last week, Iran officials announced they are considering entrenching themselves into the Ukraine war. With America and various other countries protesting against Iran’s government, the world is shocked Iran came out and announced this. As Russia has been facing setbacks against Ukraine, Iran wants to unite with Russia. Sources state, Iran’s military has sent trainers to Crimea to train Russian soldiers. As a large fragment of Russian soldiers did not voluntarily unite with their government to take part in the war, and do not want to participate and in fact nare fighting to escape their country, with closed borders, visas, and no flights away, Russian citizens feel as if it is not Russia against Ukraine, but Russia against Russian government. 

Russian men have been pulled forcefully away from their families and lives with no option but to fight. As a big part of the world’s news broadcasting has spoken about the war, it has not yet officially begun. There have been attacks back and forth with fatality and destruction of cities and homes, and many businesses have shut down because of this. 

American gas prices have shot up 49% since February when the war began. The main reason for this is because America depends on Russia for 15% of its oil and gas, and these sources of our gas have been cut off making the supply less accessible. Reuters also states that Iran is considering supplying Russia with missiles. Despite their differences, “Russia and Iran share the same threat perception,” states Behnam Ben Taleblu. Iran and Russia have repeated the Islamic Republic’s involvement in Ukraine, but analysts have said that the news around Iranian drones isn’t necessarily seen as bad news in Tehran. 

As of yesterday, Putin has declared martial law in South-Western borders of Russia because of Kiev’s defense tactics. It has been said that Middle and Eastern parts of Russia have not been affected, as well as Western Ukraine. The war is predicted to start soon, but as much as Putin, and the Russian government wants it, Russian and Ukrainian citizens do not.