College Apps are Stressful, Give Yourself a Break!


Rebecca Garcia Mendez, Writer

Oh, how I love fall. Fall is just a cozy time of the year; it’s my second favorite season. Time for candles and warm blankets. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, what could go wrong? College application season. It happens every year. High school seniors are getting ready to submit their applications. Their stress level is going through the roof. Placing pressure on themselves as they realize that their next chapter in life is all dependent on college essays. Don’t worry, I’m in the same boat. It’s a stressful time. It can get chaotic managing them all. Stress Stress Stress with a hint of getting your essays done. I get it. It’s also important to give yourself time to do what you like to do. College applications are important, but so is having a life.

It is important to set time aside and give yourself a minute to breathe. Your mental health is just as important as getting the applications in on time. You need to keep yourself sane. Allowing yourself to have some time to yourself can improve your college applications as well. Sitting and reflecting on everything you have accomplished can show that you are successful and this can create strong points that you can showcase in your applications. But even with doing this, you are still thinking about colleges. Yes, you would be taking time to reflect on your own experiences, but it can still allow for the stress to come in. 

I read pretty often. I find it calming and peaceful. Being able to pick up a good book and being captivated by it is a surreal experience. It’s almost like I am in the book. I can relate to the characters I read about. Reading is an escape from the world around me. From the pile of applications I am trying to finish, from the workload that school brings, and just a break from everything. I find that when I give myself a break from everything around me, I am more productive after. Giving myself that break allows for my brain to focus on something else so that when I return to it, I am filled with new ideas and perspectives. 

I will also bake. Baking allows me to follow step-by-step instructions so that I know I will not mess up. It’s a clear path with little room to make a mistake. These are only a couple of ways to create time for yourself. Other ones I would recommend would be: cleaning your room, going for a walk, taking a drive, going to the beach, going out with friends, going on a shopping spree, sleeping, drawing, or whatever else you like to do. 

It is so important to give yourself time to relax and reset. Life is stressful and this is just the start of a long journey. College is our next step, so let’s let the stress be dealt with when we are there. Take time each day to focus on yourself and not those applications. Keep your mental health a priority.