The Power and Influence of Music

Music is so powerful and can have a huge impact on the way individuals think and feel.

Music is a type of art, an art with much power in many different ways. However, especially in film, music can impact the way individuals feel while watching. It can enhance the emotions viewers go through, scene to scene. It adds to what can make a film amazing.

If there is a high car chase or a moment where someone is running away, then the music will more likely be intense with a high tempo to increase the anxiety individuals feel while watching. However, the same song or melody won’t be used for a slower scene, like the characters falling in love or a death of one of the characters. When there is a slower song, it makes us (the watchers) feel even more sad, along with the scene that is actually happening on the screen. It wouldn’t make sense to have funny, high beat music at a scene that’s highly intense while individuals are anticipating what is going to happen next. For example, the music that goes on when the brothers in Tangled are chasing Flynn Rider won’t be used for the romantic lantern scene. 

This is what makes music so powerful and important. In movies and shows, the music the producers decide to use is key, and can really be the finishing touches that make the film complete and that much better. To add, sometimes when people hear songs, they think of a specific movie. For example, “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion immediately symbolizes Titanic and the iconic scene with Jack and Rose.

Steering away from music’s impact on film; music can also have an impact on people’s mood and feelings on a daily basis. For example, when individuals are feeling happy, they will likely listen to more upbeat and cheery music. Though, when they are feeling sad and in an emotional state, they will listen to slowed down, more sad music and artists. 

Music will always stand as something powerful and influential. The tempo, melody, words, rhythm – they all work together in order to create a beautiful song, which can greatly impact someone’s mood or emotions they feel.

Photo Courtesy of What’s Up Magazine? Music Has Charms: The Healing Power of Music