Women in the Legislative Office

More women, than ever before are being elected into the California legislature and things are changing.

In the United States, women are given almost every opportunity to run for any position they desire within our government office.  In California, 32.5% of our legislative representatives are made up of female figures.  Despite this seemingly high percentage, this number actually sets the California’s legislative office as lacking women members by at least 10% compared to 22 other U.S. states.  This percentage was expected to rise after the elections that just took place previously on Nov. 10th, 2022.

Photo Courtesy of Spectrum News 1

Next year, in the California Legislature, a prediction of 50 women holding positions currently stands, according to election returns.  This great amount of females in the state legislature will beat the current standing record of women in the California office by 11 counts.  For complete gender balance within the California Legislative office, 60 women would need to be present as officials. This would ensure higher chances of gender equality within California.  With strong female leaders in the state office, it could inspire other women to rise up and become leaders themselves.  The only problem with that, are the is beliefs that the reason not as many women run in elections in California is due to how expensive it is to campaign.  With already fewer numbers of women running, the expense of campaigning further discourages women to run.

A big topic of discussion within the legislative office is reproductive rights.  With more women in office, it makes the topic more relevant and appreciated than it would be if only men were present.  On Tuesday, November 8th, the nation voted for propositions and elected candidates to share their support on abortion rights. In California, Proposition 1, which states “Amends the California Constitution to add the right to choose to have an abortion and use contraceptives,” was passed with 65.7% of Californians voting YES.  The subject matter of whether abortion should or should not be allowed in our nation has been an extremely controversial question ever since Roe v. Wade was overturned.  In Vermont, California, and Michigan, the citizens voted to amend their constitutions to give the right to have an abortion.  This right gives women the freedom of having full control over their own bodies and the right decide whether or not they want to give birth to a child.