Don’t Worry Darling Movie Review (Spoilers Ahead)

Don’t Worry Darling was quite the movie – and here is why.

The 2022 film directed by Olivia Wilde, starring Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Gemma Chan, Chris Pine, Nick Kroll (and many more) was definitely a ride of emotions. The movie as a whole was very interesting – the plot taking a twist by the end. The cinematography and chemistry between the characters was amazing, and each individual played their role up to par, if anything, more.

Don’t Worry Darling as a whole gave the same energy as the iconic film The Truman’s Show, but it had a twist of its own. A basic summary of the film would be that Alice (Pugh) and Jack (Styles) are a married couple in a world called “Victory,” a perfect universe where husbands go to work every morning and wives cook dinner and take dancing classes in their free time. When the husbands went to work every morning, it was believed that they went to work on the “Victory Project,” controlled by Frank (Pine). 

The tension between Jack and Alice, the development of Bunny (Wilde) and Alice’s friendship, and the anxiety that came when Frank entered any scene all created the atmosphere of the movie to be that much more interesting. The movie itself wasn’t that much of “horror” – though with what happens with Margaret (Kiki Layne), some scenes may be a bit more sensitive for some viewers. 

Now, here some spoilers may appear. As the film progresses and Alice gets more and more confused with the atmosphere she is living in, she finally opens up to Bunny and Jack about it. However, they both basically state that she’s going crazy, or that she’s living in a perfect world, she shouldn’t be complaining about. As she actually starts to believe she is going crazy, Jack comforts her and agrees to run away, because after all, he is in love with her. However, to keep them in the “Victory Project,” he calls these “supervisors” who take Alice away and put her into what seems to be a surgery bed in which they sort of brainwash her. This is when we get introduced to the story behind the, “perfect world” they are living in.

Jack and Alice were originally a normal couple. Alice was a doctor, and Jack had been (at the time) recently unemployed. Stuck at home with nothing to do, he discovers this project called the “Victory Project,” and when he realizes that Alice has been extra stressed while picking up extra shifts (because again, Jack lost his job), he forces Alice into living in the “Victory Project.” The way they do this is by laying down, and having a laser go across the eyes. However, the plot thickens when Alice comes to realize that Jack has made her live in this alternate world, and gets angry. As Jack apologizes and begs for forgiveness, she kills him. Bunny walks in, and tells Alice to start running. As she tries to tell Bunny the truth behind the “Victory Project,” Bunny says she already knows. This is when viewers get a sense of her story. Bunny states that she knows and she actually wanted to be in this world because this way, she could still have her children with her.

The next scene is what is explained to be the chase of a lifetime, and for Alice, her fate. The only doctor (Dr. Collins), the “supervisors,” and basically anyone who Frank could call was chasing after Alice. However, she manages to get away, and as tension rises, it ends with the fall of Frank when his wife Shelley (Chan) kills him. As the camera pans back to Alice, she gets to headquarters and is about to place her hand on the wall that will get her back to reality. However, she imagines Jack hugging her, telling her not to leave him there, and stay. Though, it is all an illusion, and the film ends with it up to the viewers to interpret what actually happened. She puts her hand on headquarters. Could this mean that she returned back to her normal life? As a doctor? Or was she caught before? Who knows. It is each to their own, to create their personal ending.

My overall personal rating of the movie was 8/10. It definitely was continuously interesting – no scenes that were necessarily boring. The pictures and characters were all casted perfectly. The edge was always high. One reason as to why it is not a 10/10 is that some parts were not being specified, making it confusing of what certain things meant. However, I would definitely recommend the watch!