Review of Taylor Swifts Midnights

With the new Taylor Swift album, Midnights, many fans are excited to listen.

Nowadays, music is a big thing in many people’s lives helping connect people and allowing an escape for others. One of the most popular pop artists is Taylor Swift. Taylor is a 32-year-old pop artist that was discovered for her country music. She has done many things such as winning 324 awards and rerecording all her albums after breaking off from her old record deal. This year especially, has been big for the star with her release of the album Midnights. With this album she gained all the top 10 spots in the top 100 billboard hits. Her new album won many fans’ hearts with songs that relate to people on a more personal level. Looking at the first release of the album, the 13 songs are written about her 13 sleepless nights. 

Her first song, “Lavender Haze” gives a very lover or folklore vibe while including an amazing bridge. She uses the use of color to explore and explain her relationship. Her second song, “Maroon,” also uses color to portray the song giving off a red feeling and a darker tone to the song. In the next song and a personal favorite, “Anti-Hero,” the song dives into her personal life and you feel like you are experiencing what she is going through. The lyrics have a feeling that people can relate to. The fourth one is, “Snow on the Beach,” with Lana Del Ray. Lana, although not as present in the song, still provides good background vocals. “You’re on Your Own, Kid,” is a nod to a past song and shows how far she has come from her past. “Midnight Rain” goes along in showing how you can be happy but still be left out and want more in a relationship. “Question…?” is a song some might not like and is not as well-liked but still provides insight into her life. “Vigilante Sh*t.” is a song that gives the album an edge and reminds you that this is an album not just full of nice relationship songs. Bejeweled is one of the most popular songs with Taylor explaining that even though she is in her 30s she still has an impact on the music world. “Labyrinth” explores more of the inside of the mind and shows it is not always a straight path in life. “Karma” is a song that shows Taylor always comes back no matter what and is always coming back stronger and better. “Sweet Nothing” helps with giving the album a slow close while getting ready for the end. “Mastermind,” is the last song reminding us that Taylor tends to blame herself for things and is a song about another lover. It has one of the best bridges in the entire album. Overall, the new album is amazing and gives songs that people can relate to without knowing much about Taylor.