Fashion Through the Years

As the fashion world moves forward so does trends as past ones comeback into play.


Photo Courtesy from “The Guardian”

Throughout history, fashion trends have come and gone, most recently trends from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s have come back into play inspiring looks that are now being worn. 

Starting in the ’70s, trends such as white boots and corduroy have been coming back around. In the ’70s, white boots were often worn to events such as discos along with flare jeans and slip dresses. Many outfits today, inspired by that time, pair with white boots that have a heel and go up to about mid-shin area. Another trend of the 70s coming back is the corduroy pattern being seen mostly in jeans and jackets with popular stores such as Tilly’s and H&M selling them on most clothing. 

Jumping into the ’80s, high-waisted jeans have kicked out lower jeans. Even though high-waisted jeans are now popular, teens are not in favor of the skinny high-waisted jeans that were popular in the 2010s. Another trend from the ’80s is chunky sneakers with current shows such as “Wednesday” popularizing them and many shoe companies such as Converse releasing their most popular shoes in a more chunky version. 

Moving into the ’90s, many new trends came out as people tried to move away from the ’80s. Many trends coming out of the ’90s were a jump at trying to get their own unique style. Mom jeans came into play, as the high-waisted jean with a less flared bottom, yet still having a baggy look. Still in the jeans category, cargo pants were there for someone wanting a baggy look that included one-too-many pockets: most having six. In the accessories category, scrunchies were a hair band that came in many colors and came back mostly in 2019 thanks to the Stranger Things television show with many wearing them on their wrist to match their outfit. Lastly, chokers, a tight necklace, came in many colors mostly came back in the 2010s with pop stars like Ariana Grande bringing them back into the field of play; chokers are mostly not worn today but can still be seen from time to time. Lastly, in the 2000s, many trends are coming back as that time had a unique style and one of the most common things is round glasses, as they can frame the face while also giving a softer look to a person’s face. Baby tees are smaller tees with cartoon designs being able to get them from places once again like Tilly’s and Shein. Overall fashion trends will continue to come back as celebrities and television shows continue to show them in a new light. Many trends will continue to play back into past trends and also show a mix of new things such as today with pattern leggings and even in hair with the trend of curtain bangs. Trends will continue to come and go as we progress in the world of fashion.