The Best Secret Santa Gift?

Quick and Easy Gift Ideas for Secret Santa.


Photo Courtesy of “Country Living Magazine”

Around the time of the holidays, people have created a fun game called Secret Santa. Well, what is Secret Santa? It’s when a group of people all shuffle their names and pick one each. The point of the game is to get someone, and not know who got you. You then proceed to buy them a present and then all at once give each other your gifts. Secret Santa is popular everywhere: high schools, work jobs, and even just in your family. Walking around Canyon High at this time, you’re bound to see at least 5 gifts a day given. If you got someone you don’t know that well, it can be challenging to buy them a gift, but in this short article, I will be giving you some simple and non-expensive ideas.

Firstly, a mug with some goodies inside. This may seem like a very common gift idea, but it still pulls through. Everyone loves a cute mug, and it is also something people can keep for a long time.

Secondly, stationery items. Wherever you are, you’re bound to need pencils and writing material. If you get a small but nice stationary set with all the essentials, no one can hate you for it because it will be used. Another gift I personally love receiving is plushies. Whether they are small big, or just keychains people will cherish them. They’re warm and fuzzy and perfect as any gift, just make sure you get one that matches the person you’re getting it for.

The third, and final, gift I would recommend giving is gift cards. With these, you don’t have to go out and buy something they might not like, instead, it lets them pick what they want instead. Usually, you would stick with an amount from $10-$30. Simple stores like Starbucks and Target are the best places to get them. These are just some quick gift ideas, that any generation would probably like to receive, but don’t limit yourself here. Ask around for what they like and just try your best.