Netflix’s New Wednesday Addams Series

Netflix takes on Wednesday Addams in there new series Wednesday.

The streaming service, Netflix has come out with many good shows and movies, one of its newest additions being the hit series, Wednesday. The Wednesday series follows Wednesday Addams as she attends Nevermore Academy. The show is a dark mystery that also showcases some lighter elements. Many people enjoy the show because of the story, characters costumes, setting, and overall plot. 

Jenna Ortega cast as the main lead, Wednesday starts the show off with her attending a regular high school until she gets kicked out for attacking other students. She moves schools and begins attending Nevermore Academy where her parents once went and where she meets her new roommate Enid. The show then takes a turn as she learns people are being attacked by a foreign creature found in the woods and as the town’s cops try to cover it up she dives headfirst into attempting to solve the one responsible for this. One night while at the fair she encounters the monster herself before learning that the school has been covering up the murders. Throughout the series we see her solve the murder with the help of other characters and see a lot of her eccentric personality. Wednesday’s personality can be very brutal as she’s not friends with many and often does things without thinking which leads to her causing some innocent people to get arrested. Overall the story is very good and does a good job of portraying that same Wednesday Addams we are all familiar with, through her personality and attire. The rest of the cast also does very well in portraying characters such as Gomez Addams and Morticia Addams, even showcasing the original Wednesday Addams as a teacher who turns out to be the villain. We also see more conflicting costuming as Wednesday’s pallet is composed of all black, while her roommate has a very bright color scheme. The series’ setting is very beautiful and mainly takes place in the castle or Town Square. The castle gives off a very mysterious look that helps play along with the story. We also get to see the romantic side of the story such as Wednesday with Xavier and her roommate Enid with Ajax. Tim Burton directing the story also gave us some extra creepiness and shows the attention he paid to all the details. One main detail that, maybe not everyone notices, is the fact that Wednesday never blinks except when she is showing emotion. The plot twist in the movie is also very good and even though there was foreshadowing the story makes sure it is not given away too soon. Overall the series is very good and a good match for anyone who is looking for a mystery – a new take on Wednesday Addams that still keeps her memorable personality.