Dual Enrollment – Why should I care?

Rebecca Garcia, Writer

Dual enrollment courses enable high school students to take college courses, which are taught by college professors. These courses are offered and promoted by the high school. Here at Canyon, these courses are promoted all the time. They are also free. These courses prepare students for what a college-paced class would look like. Students are able to pick any course that the college offers, so long as the prerequisite courses have been taken. Taking advantage of these courses allows students to get ahead in their education while they’re still in high school. These courses are tuition-free and most have transferable credits. Transferrable credits, basically mean these courses would be honored at universities. Dual enrollment allows us high school students to gain knowledge at a higher learning level. It also allows students to take courses in areas that might interest them. For example, you can take a sociology class or an American Sign Language class. Having courses that are accessible can allow you to figure out what it is that you want to study after graduation. These courses are offered all year round and if you aren’t interested in going on campus, there are several classes that are offered online. This program will eventually save you both time and money. Time is saved because you will be ahead of others when you take your college classes and will already be ahead once you get into college. 

There are also several things to be aware of before you take a college-level course. It’s important to remember that these are college courses taught by professors. The professors will expect you to get your work done on time and be mature enough to handle these courses. The workload is also a lot different than high school classes, with several quizzes and assignments a week. There will be midterms and finals and coming up with a schedule is of the utmost importance. Having a schedule will allow you to plan everything so that you get everything in on time. Having to balance, both high school classes and college classes can be difficult at first, but a schedule or a planner will help the transition be smoother. 

It is also incredibly important to be committed to the course. It requires a lot of time and effort, so slacking off or leaving things till the last minute isn’t a good idea. These courses are designed to help students obtain a degree, so these courses will not be easy. Communication is key, so if you find yourself struggling, talk to the professor and ask for help. Oftentimes they have office hours and are willing to meet face-to-face or through zoom if you need any help. Dual enrollment is such a beneficial thing to be a part of and I would recommend any high school student to take thse classes. Any class regardless of rigor will

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help you in the future.