New Years Resolutions

As the month ends, what happens to those New Years resolutions?

Many people often make New Year’s resolutions and as January ends many have already given up and forgotten. But what are some of the top resolutions and what are some ways that you can keep them throughout the year? 

Starting off, some of the top resolutions that people make throughout the year are eating better, exercising more, or just spending more time with family and friends. Some of the top resolutions for students are finding a job, getting better grades, or studying for tests better and for longer periods of time. But even with goals set many can find it hard to keep them, as they take a lot of time and commitment when they already have a routine in place. 

So what are some ways to stay on top of these resolutions, and how can you keep them all throughout the year? Let’s start with the fact that most people already have routines and habits in place that can be hard to break. Most people don’t count the fact that it can take weeks to break a habit and when you try to put in a new habit without working towards it, it can be hard to keep it up. Many people also get upset or can give up easily when the resolution they set doesn’t work out right away or they don’t get results right away. It can be very discouraging when results don’t come right away and many can drop the resolution in just a few weeks because it does not work. A third reason is that many do not plan out the resolutions before starting them. Poor planning can result in the resolution not following through and cause people to not do the resolution correctly. once again not getting results and not following through because of that. No self-monitoring can cause you not to be accountable for your actions and thus not follow through on the resolution as people figure out how hard it can be to keep the resolution for more than a few weeks. It can be hard to follow things through as results don’t come in as fast and no one is there to hold them accountable. Many do not take into account the things they have to give up in order to complete their goal. 

So overall, no matter if you have already forgotten your goals or want to restart them it is never too late to start. Goals can be started at any time and as long as you stay with them they can have results. With planning and self-control, it can be easy to keep up with them as you have proper planning. So get back on those New Year’s resolutions and make sure to keep them up.