Are the Books Better Than the Movies?

It’s always better to read the story than just watch it.

Books are sources of knowledge, whereas movies only provide entertainment. The existence of books is very old, while the existence of films is not that old.

Books do all kinds of things, they educate, they give knowledge, and they entertain. It provides various types of information and information.

Most of the time books are better than movies. Books can let you imagine the setting or events happening in the story. Books help to develop your imagination. They are also more detailed than movies because movies sometimes leave out some important details.

In some movies, they switch up the characters because in the books they are completely different, even total opposites. This changes our perception of the characters that we read on the pages of books. 

When we read a book, we tend to visualize the characters a certain way and in movies, they don’t always look the way we want them to. It disappoints us in many ways. I’ve read books before that have a plot twist at the end, that in the movie never happens.

Movies tend to last about two hours and books take their time and last longer, movies rush things so that they can end faster. Not everyone has access to movies or can afford to go to movie theaters but books can be borrowed at the library or from a friend.

Books are portable and can be read online as well, anytime. When reading books, we get more knowledge and it helps us improve our vocabulary. Characters are described much better and with more detail.

One important thing that books do have and movies don’t is that they provide more background information than a movie does.