Everything Everywhere All At Once – Oscar Edition

Everything Everywhere All At Once was one to remember – and the Academy Awards seem to agree.

Recently, the Academy released its 2023 nominations. The film that caused many tears and took the hearts of many individuals, Everything Everywhere All At Once, received a total of 11 Oscar nominations, including “Best Picture,” “Best Actress,” “Best Original Screenplay,” and much more. Not much longer after the Critics Choice and Golden Globes Awards, this miraculous movie is making its mark in the film industry.

Michelle Yeoh, who plays Evelyn Wang, is the nominee for “Best Actress,” and this is showing immense representation. Yeoh makes history as the 2nd Asian woman to be nominated for this category, and it is inspiring to think about. The actress has shown off her amazing talent through many films – including playing a scary mother-in-law in Crazy Rich Asians, a glorious fighter in Shang-Chi, and of course her role in EEAAO – and it is about time she was awarded for her work. 

From the use of alternate universes to the symbolism of the bagel and googly eye for yin-yang to the sad reality behind generational trauma, directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert did an amazing job making an extraordinary movie, which makes them so deserving of their “Best Director” nomination. They were able to adapt this film in a way that gives the audience a mix of emotions, while ultimately feeling a new sense of sadness with the rocks in the closing scene. 

Playing Joy Wang, the daughter of Waymond and Evelyn Wang, and the grumpy office worker, both Stephanie Hsu and Jamie Lee Curtis have been nominated for “Best Supporting Actress.” Both are very much deserving, but especially Stephanie Hsu. The actress gave a perfect performance of what it feels like to have generational trauma, and it was so emotional.

Ke Huy Quan, who performs as Waymond Wang, made everyone cry with his Golden Globe acceptance speech, however, hopefully, we get to cry one more time when hearing his Oscar acceptance speech. Quan executed Waymond in a tear-jerking, sentimental way, especially with his infamous quote to Evelyn stating that in another life, he would’ve been happy with just doing laundry and taxes with her. 

Overall, Everything Everywhere All At Once is a very much deserving film to receive all the Oscar nominations. The film gave a new perspective to many, and each performance given by all the cast members was more than award-worthy. We shall see on March 12th!

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