Is College for You?

Even though there may be a lot of benefits to going to college, the decision to go to college is not always for everyone.

As a young adult, thinking about going to college is super exciting. Although, facing the cost of tuition and paying off student loans long after you graduate isn’t so exciting. Especially if the career you want might not even require a college degree. This leads a lot of people to ask – is college even worth it?

More and more students are wondering if they should spend time and money going to college when they can get a job that pays well without getting a degree. Our world is changing pretty fast, and there are tons of ways to learn valuable professional skills without going to college.

But for many other people, the social and professional benefits of college are worth the investment. No matter what’s right for you, there are pros and cons to this major life decision, so it’s wise to look at your options carefully.

There are plenty of careers you can choose from that don’t require a degree. But graduating college can open doors to certain career paths. Having a degree might help you stand out from other interviewees during the job hunt.

In college, you’re not just learning information and taking exams. Your classes help you build skills you’ll need in the workforce, like problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and organization. Sure, you could learn these skills in other ways, but this hands-on experience is part of what makes college a good investment for a lot of people.

College is also a great opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. You never know what you might learn from someone with a different background than yours. Universities are usually melting pots of cultures, religions, political views, and other beliefs. While your core values will probably remain the same, you’ll hopefully gain a better understanding of other points of view.

And don’t forget about these other options: You could take free online classes, learn a skill at a trade school, or do an apprenticeship. You can get high-paying jobs, like a sound engineering technician, surgical tech, or real estate agent, all without having a degree.

Some people go to college because it’s the norm in today’s society, because their parents want them to, or because all their friends and family members did. But you shouldn’t let the status symbol of college be your motivation for getting a degree.