Technology is Truly Changing the Game

It is unpredictable what can happen within the future, by the advancement of technology and AI.

In a world where technology is constantly advancing, AI and ChatGPT have brought new insights into the world. Originally, AI has been popularly used for creating a piece of art, but now, ChatGPT has changed the whole game.

With its popularity forming from creating artworks with just a click of a few words, AI has expanded beyond making creations of a dog on top of a car in the ocean. It has been able to further into making essays and creating stories for various individuals. This has been introduced as ChatGPT. 

This new source of AI has been a portal for individuals to create paragraphs, power points, images, and much more just by typing a few words. Someone can quite literally ask their device to write an essay about a certain topic, and with just enough information, the outcome will be exactly what was asked.

This new way of writing and creating is truly changing the game. It is becoming more apparent that computers and technology are both advancing at a pretty rapid rate. It brings into question, what type of jobs will be left for humans to do.

With ChatGPT, it is becoming more common for people to ask a computer for help versus fellow humans. Many jobs, because of this, are firing people due to this new improvement in tech. Now that this new form of AI can quite literally do everything it is asked, it is questionable what will happen in the future, when this is just the beginning.

This can impact the lives of students at Canyon High School as well. Our generation of individuals are going to be the ones looking for jobs in just a few years. Our future is being impacted by the new types of technology and AI that are forming out there. Imagine what else can be created as time goes on. More robots, higher levels of machinery, mechanization. It is all possible by what it looks like so far. Who knows, in just a few years, a robot can be giving someone a haircut, or a robot can be flying a plane. We have no idea what can happen, so we will all just have to see.

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