High Demand Jobs

Sabreen Hussain, Writer

Are you unsure of what to do after you graduate? Community college is a great choice to explore your options before you commit to a major and pursue a career. This also allows you to save money if you decide to transfer to a 4 year afterward. There are also some people who know school isn’t for them and begin work right after high school. Whichever aspiration applies to you, certain positions could work for you no matter what your long-term goal may be.

Finding a job you are passionate about is a very important part of life, you don’t want to wake up every morning regretting the career you pursued. Everybody finds what accommodates them differently, either throughout school or through networking and hands-on experience. No matter what route you take, it’s always helpful to be creative, collaborative, methodical, and determined. You can find inspiration while working different jobs through high school before you decide to dedicate your time to one path.  

High-demand jobs provide many opportunities for employees, including professional advancement and improved expansion. Some examples include pharmacy technicians, an entry-level job that requires nothing more than a high school diploma can lead to many promotions in the pharmaceutical field. This level of experience with a college degree would be very helpful in the medical field as well. Licenses and certifications can qualify you for many more positions including physical therapists, nurse practitioners, or medical transcriptionists. If the medicinal course isn’t for you, there are many other occupations that can fit your desires. Do you happen to like cameras? Film and video editors have a growth rate of 33% with no requirement for degrees and the freedom to work remotely. Do you like to be more active? A fitness trainer’s sole job is to keep their client moving. Does artistry interest you more? Makeup artists and estheticians can make up to 100k a year. The possibilities are endless! 

Being meticulous about what career path you want to pursue takes time. It’s difficult to find what will give you pleasure and purpose overnight or even in 4 years. Eventually, when you look for a new job, make sure you consider what’s in high demand and how you can use your skills and credentials to your advantage.