Is TikTok Going to be Banned?

Elise Guerrero, Writer

TikTok is currently on its way to being banned in all of the United States. Now let’s face it most of us can say that we use TikTok way more than recommended. To many, we see TikTok as an entertaining form of social media, with most of us just using TikTok as a platform to watch and create funny videos. The Chinese ownership is what has really created some major concerns for our government and with new laws being passed in multiple different states we might be on our way to a ban across the entire country.

But why is it being banned? Here’s what we know so far; the reasons behind the numerous bans have to do with security concerns stirring from the app’s ownership – China’s parent-based company “ByteDance.” This company could be pressured into handing over our personal data and information to the Chinese government. However, If the government truly wanted to ban the app across the entire country their only grounds are through denouncing TikTok as a national security threat. There is currently no evidence behind whether or not this has actually occurred.

Currently, the app is banned on most government devices. This means any electronic device owned and managed by the US House of Representatives will be unable to download the app. 27 states have already issued this ban with the most recent of this ban being in states North Carolina and Wisconsin just last month. In 2020 Florida was the first state to order a ban on TikTok for government-owned devices. Shortly after Florida, Nebraska also banned the app. Soon a whole list of states were banning it, including the following: South Dakota, South Carolina, Maryland, Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Alabama, Iowa, North Dakota, Idaho, New Hampshire, Georgia, Virginia, Montana, West Virginia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Ohio, New Jersey, and Arkansas.

What about other countries? Tons of governments are banning or at least considering restricting access to the app. And India has completely banned TikTok altogether. As well as many other Chinese apps, due to the fact of it being a high-security risk. Many more countries such as Indonesia and Bangladesh have banned the app for spreading “inappropriate content.” Shockingly TikTok isn’t even available in China, they have their own version of the app under a separate name. And even so, they limited the amount of time you can spend on the app per day.

As of right now, it doesn’t look like TikTok is going to be banned from the public any time soon. However, it may be banned on all government devices in all states across the US. Hopefully, this issue gets sorted out soon, or else there just might be a little less TikTok in our future.