What is Senior Assassin?

Sarah Neeki celebrates after tagging out Joseph Mitchell. (Photo courtesy of Penelope Cole)

What is on every senior’s mind this week? Senior Assassin! The game just recently started on Wednesday, February 8th. If you’re not a senior or just not participating, you may be wondering what it is and what’s happening. Senior Assassin is a game played between seniors in which players are assigned a target and work towards eliminating them by tagging them with a plastic spoon. Players are safe from elimination if they are in class/at sports practice or are wearing the safety item of the week. Some other rules apply, like no tagging in a car or while someone is driving, no entering your target’s home without permission, etc. The official rules are posted on Instagram @canyonsa23. In order to participate, you had to have paid $5 to the game coordinators. This money is entered into the prize money pool. Those in charge of the game have not released the number of participants but it is estimated to be around 150. This means the winnings could be up to $700! But it’s not all that easy. Safety items are sent out on Sunday nights around 8:00 pm; this means if you don’t have that item, chances of getting it at stores that are open could be really slim. Sometimes you have to get creative. During the first week, a scarf was the safety item. Plenty of students were seen walking around with their homemade scarf of sorts. The local Target has been raided by participating students upon the release of the first two safety items. Canyon students bought out their last remaining scarves and cowboy hats. I myself had to drive to a Target out of the area to get a hat (which wasn’t even technically a cowboy hat). Rumors of a purge day have also been stressing out the class of 2023. Purge day is a random day chosen by the game coordinators where your safety item will not grant you protection. Some also say there is going to be a purge list made up of those who have not tagged out a person yet. If you are placed on this list you can be tagged out by anyone on purge day. This is definitely nerve-wracking, so stay safe seniors! Happy tagging!