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Warped Welcome & The Contributions

Warped Welcome and its Spirit Week are coming up this week!
Courtesy of @chstribe on Instagram

The Warped Welcome Dance is coming up on Friday, September 8th!  Tuesday, September 5th- Friday, September 8th is Warped Spirit Week.  The Warped dance is here at Canyon High School and the time is from 7-10 PM.  Show up in your best neon outfits and accessories!

Student body and staff will be encouraged to dress the themes according to the day.  Tuesday the 5th is Too Bright Tuesday.  People will wear their brightest clothes.  Wednesday the 6th is Country Music Wednesday where people are encouraged to dress in their best country attire.  Thursday the 7th is Tourist Thursday.  We hope you show up in your best vacation clothes.  Friday the 8th is Funky Friday.  Crazy hair and outfits are in style!  Later that day will be the dance.

The Student body and staff work their hardest to come up with creative and exciting activities for all to enjoy.  They put in a lot of effort to make these activities the greatest they can be. The Warped Dance and its Spirit Week are an example of this dedication toward the school.  Many students have voiced their love and enjoyment for this dance. Overall, most of the students claim this dance as their favorite of all the school dances (and yes, that includes prom.)

Although these types of dances may not be some people’s ideation of “fun,” once you experience them, you may realize just how enjoyable they can be.  Whether you go with a group of friends, one other person, or even alone, it is one of the best activities of the school year.  Trending, upbeat music, out-of-the-ordinary fashion, etc. accompany this night.  You wouldn’t want to miss it! 

Students are already excited for the upcoming spirit week. ASB is showing off their pride!  You can see more of this school spirit: @canyoncomanches and @chstribe on Instagram!

Being involved in school activities and school spirit is one of the best decisions you can make.  Once you start participating, you may realize how much better your years throughout high school will be.  Meeting new people, finding special interests, and more can really help shape who you are.  You might even discover what piques your interest in future careers and pathways!


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