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Canyon’s Many Opportunties

Some of the activities available at Canyon for the student body
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After asking several students if they would rather stay in Canyon High School or go back to their old middle or elementary school, most of the students said that they’d rather stay at Canyon High School. The first and most important reason is the block schedule that Canyon offers. As school can be very stressful, many students at Canyon find this schedule very helpful and consider it a  weight off their shoulders. Some other schools do not offer block schedules and have all 6 or 7 periods all in one day which I can say from experience is very stressful and does not compare to Canyon. 

Not only does Canyon offer a block schedule, but they also offer early release to some students so they are able to leave at 1:10 instead of 3:25 p.m. This can be very helpful to some students who have younger siblings and need to help take care of them. 

On a different note, Canyon offers many sports such as tennis, volleyball, cross country, lacrosse, football, song, and last but not least cheerleading. Even though other schools also have a large variety of sports, Canyon carries a lot of sports that other schools don’t and this makes it a lot more inclusive. Some of those sports that other schools may not carry are flag football, lacrosse, and song. 

One more thing about sports is that Canyon has many different levels for all types of students to play at like Frosh, JV, and varsity. On the other hand, one of the most exciting things that many students look forward to are the football games, because the football games at Canyon are not your average football games. Every football game has a theme like Blackout, Barbie, and USA. If sports are not your forte, then you can join things like drama or choir. They have lots of different performances for students to learn from and have lots of fun. They really do have something for everybody at Canyon. Those are some of the great sports and clubs that Canyon has to offer for all the students to create a happy, fun, and healthy environment. 

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