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Will there be a Swifty Super Bowl?

Taylor Swift Declines Super Bowl Halftime Show For 2024
Courtesy of Rolling Stone

For many years, people have wondered if singer-songwriter Taylor Swift would ever perform at the Superbowl. Unfortunately, it won’t be happening in 2024, because she has already declined the offer from the National Football League (NFL).

Swift is currently at the peak of her career on a tour known as The Eras Tour. The Daily Mail explains it as “Taylor is busy with her current tour, she has zero time to prepare a Super Bowl show, she will do it eventually, but she is in no rush at all to do it in Vegas or do it in the next couple of years.” Swift has made it a point to say that Madonna performed at the halftime show at age 53 so she still has time. She also would prefer to perform at the popular Nissan Stadium in Nashville Tennessee, her hometown. 

Swifties, or Taylor Swift fans, have made this a big deal on social media platforms including Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram saying things such as ‘ if Taylor had accepted the Halftime show, there would be a fight between Swifties and Football fans to get tickets’ and ‘the Swifties would probably win the tickets so 75% of the crowd would leave after halftime’. Not to mention, the ticket prices for the two biggest events in the United States at the time would be extremely high. 

Additionally, Swift will be in Japan the night before the Superbowl, concluding her shows in the beautiful Tokyo Dome, in Japan. With barely enough time to make it to the Superbowl from Tokyo, she wouldn’t have time to prepare for another show, because she is already performing in The Eras Tour. 

Taylor Swift did say she would eventually perform in the halftime show. However, the NFL doesn’t pay their Halftime performers, because they usually help artists become more recognized. At the moment, Swift doesn’t need any more recognition with her international fame. Swift has performed 55 shows throughout the US and Mexico City, giving the Eras Tour a net worth of $2 Billion dollars. With the international shows and the start of the second leg of the US with 15 announced shows, The Eras tour is estimated to have a total net worth of over $4 Billion dollars. 


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