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How to Gain & Maintain Motivation in School

Some tips,tricks, & advice for staying motivated
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Motivation is often viewed as crucial to success in school. Although that may be true, staying motivated can be challenging at times, especially when you have seven classes filled with assignments, exams, and lectures. Motivation is typically the driving force that compels us to set and accomplish new goals. Without motivation, getting work done feels very discouraging but when you have motivation, learning becomes engaging and exciting. 

There are various ways you can stay motivated, such as setting realistic goals, finding your reason, breaking work into smaller pieces, creating a schedule, rewarding yourself, staying organized, seeking support, etc.

 In my personal opinion, breaking tasks up and setting goals is one of the most beneficial ways of getting things done without feeling overwhelmed due to not having to do all of the work at once. Instead, take little pieces each day and eventually work your way up to the full work. This can improve the quality of your work and reduce the amount of anxiety you get when you receive a large assignment. 

Another of the many beneficial things that you can do is simply talk to a teacher about how to start the assignment and the expectations of what needs to get done. This can relieve some of the stress from just starting fresh with no motivation. Also, it gives you a clearer idea of what needs to get done and when. 

When finding your purpose, sometimes school can seem like it is dragging on and you have no reason to go and work your hardest until you put it in perspective and realize that It may be a family member counting on you, wanting to be a part of society, wanting to be self-dependent or wanting to get educated.

Motivation can come in waves but with the right mindset and the right skills you can have a better outlook on schoolwork and homework and hopefully get it done faster with a better mindset. This allows you to fully take in the information you are learning which can improve your grades and make you feel more accomplished in the hard work you are doing. Through all your struggles dealing with your day-to-day homework, sports, and other enrichments you may have, just remember that your hard work will pay off.

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