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Is Technology Good?

Technology is a huge advancement in the modern world, but many argue that it’s over consumed.
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Within the past 50 years, we have rapidly progressed in our use and creation of technology.  We have technically advanced greatly within the course of 20 years.  But, is this progress to celebrate?

The overuse of technology has been proven to have negative effects on things such as mental health, eye strain, sleep issues, and social skills. The light emitted from a screen as well as the content we see prevents our brains from resting since we’re providing too much stimulation for our minds.  This causes us to have difficulties falling asleep when using devices and technology right before trying to go to bed.  

Modern technology provides us with direct access to different social media platforms, which can have negative effects on our mental well-being.  Seeing and hearing certain information from people online can cause depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues that can be spread easily.  Multiple studies have shown a correlation between declining mental health in teenagers and technology.

On the other hand, modern technology has advanced our world for the better in many ways.  One example of this is our form of being able to complete assignments for school via Google Classroom.  Communicating between far distances has become much easier with our sources of technology nowadays.  Before our modern advancements, communication took any time from days to months to process to another person, but with the achievements we’ve made to progress this, we can easily contact each other within seconds.  We also have the ability to access information quickly when we need it.  The web provides immediate answers to anything we need.

Within modern society, technology has been shown to greatly reduce the overuse of paper. Tying back to easily being able to complete school assignments online, this reduces the amount of paper used significantly. This has shown to be beneficial for the environment.  

While many can argue that technology is either good or bad for humanity, there is a common denominator between both sides. Balancing technology usage is important in maintaining good health and getting things done. As most of the world now revolves and relies on technology greatly, it is important to have and use it to keep up to speed with others.  


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