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Free Snow Cones

Last week at lunch on Wednesday, September 13th, Canyon High School ASB (Associated Student Body) had a pleasant surprise for our amazing student body- free snow cones for everyone!
Courtesy of @chstribe on Instagram

The excitement in the air could be felt as the students lined up eagerly to savor this treat. The sun was out and shining brightly, and the temperature was perfect for these icy treats. As the lunch bell rang, students rushed to the student center where ASB had set up a colorful snow cone station. A spectrum of flavors awaited, from the classic red cherry and blue raspberry and so on. The scent of the shaved ice was refreshing, a pleasant contrast to the typical cafeteria food.

ASB members wore their best smiles as they skillfully prepared and crafted each snow cone, packing it gently. They filled the snow cones with vibrantly-colored syrups in order to create mesmerizing snow cone flavors.

The atmosphere was almost contagious as the students gathered around the table waiting patiently for their icy treat. Conversation and laughter filled the air. It was quite heartwarming to be able to see how a simple gesture like free snow cones could bring our school together for lunch. 

However, as lunchtime neared the end, an unexpected turn of events occurred – the snow cone machine suddenly broke down. The ASB team, undeterred by this minor setback, quickly improvised. They began serving cups with ice and syrup. Of course, it wasn’t the same finely shaved ice, but it was impressive to witness ASB’s adaptability and dedication to ensuring the snow cone experience continued and everyone had a chance to get one.

As the final bell lunch bell rang, the students returned to their classes with smiles on their faces. The memory of the snow cones’ surprise and the great lunch they had lingered. It was a day when ASB, with their thoughtful gestures and ability to overcome challenges, managed to create a sense of unity and joy among the students. This Wednesday, September 13th, will be remembered as a day that brought our school community even closer together, one delicious bite at a time, even in the face of minor difficulties.


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