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Homecoming Spirit Week

The student body’s participation in this week’s Spirit Week draws even more excitement to our upcoming Homecoming dance on September 30th.
Courtesy of @chstribe on Instagram

All throughout the week of September 25th-29th, there have been creative and fun themes to dress for, according to the day. Students have shown a lot of interest in these activities. The themes for this week were Monochrome Monday, Twin Tuesday, Gym Rat vs. Pilates Princess Wednesday, Adam Sandler Thursday, and Decades Friday. Throughout the week, we’ve seen many students loving these themes. People especially seemed to enjoy Adam Sandler Thursday, as we had a lot of people dressed in their best, oversized-dad outfits.  Although there were definitely some themes with a wider participation rate, all of the days and themes had a lot of people dressed out.  

Spirit weeks usually go hand-in-hand with a big event coming up at school and typically school dances have a spirit week prior to the event. The themes for each day often represent the event in some way or another. One example of this was when the theme was “Too Bright Tuesday” for the Warped Spirit Week because bright and neon colors are a major theme of this dance.  

School Spirit Weeks tie back to bringing entertainment to the student body. We love to see people dress up to get in the mood for big, upcoming school events. Most schools take part in spirit weeks. They are designed to bring creativity and fun to a school campus. You can tell that we bring all of these characteristics forward with our spirit weeks. During these times, it is also an innovative and great way to celebrate our school’s education.  

It has been proven that these kinds of school activities lead to many benefits for students. Students get more socially engaged by participating in activities including other people. Just by getting more social, you can gain a huge boost of serotonin, providing happiness. A lot of students have been seen to perform better academically when having a joyful balance. 

School spirit and participation have always shown to be amusing and exciting for all. It is important to keep this fun-loving tradition alive. 

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