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Fast Food Waste

Which fast food chains waste food and which fast food chains give away food instead of tossing it out
Courtesy of St. Edwards University

Something you may not know when ordering from big fast-food chains is that they throw out most of their unsold food at the end of the day. One of the main fast food brands that are known for throwing out thousands of donuts a day is Dunkin Donuts. Some of Dunkin’s employees decided to show just how many donuts get thrown out at the end of the day on popular social media platforms. They showed rows and rows of donuts getting tossed into the trash can instead of being given to those in need. This upset many viewers, which led to a couple of people going in before closing time and asking for a couple of sweets before they threw them all away. 

Unfortunately, somebody from the head of Dunkin caught on and now every time that a customer asks if they could have any extra donuts that they might be throwing away at the end of the day, the employees say that they are not allowed to give away their free donuts anymore as they can get in trouble with the corporation. This just goes to show how wasteful big corporations are and how they refuse to give away free food that is going to get thrown away anyway. 

Sadly, Dunkin is not the only company that throws out excess food products. Multiple other bakeries also toss out lots of food like Krispy Kreme and Starbucks. Even though a lot of big brands throw out and waste so much food on a daily basis, there are also other bakeries that don’t waste food and instead sell it at a lower price or give it away to the needy. Some of those bakeries are Peet’s Coffee. They sell their baked goods at a discounted price instead of just throwing them out at the end of the day. Another bakery that unfortunately is not well known but has a really heart-warming and helpful founder is Saint Honore Bakery. Instead of tossing out her extra donuts at the end of the day, she goes to the firehouse and gives the hard-workers free donuts for all their hard work and support for their community. 

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