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Halloween at Canyon High School

Many students and staff celebrated Halloween by dressing up in their costumes!
Courtesy of the Pioneer Woman

This past Tuesday, October 31st was Halloween! Although it’s not super favorable to have school on the day of Halloween, we do get to see everyone dressed up and showing off their Halloween spirit.  We’ve seen a variety of innovative costumes.  Some of these include Travis Kelce, a taco, the grinch, dinosaurs, and some adorable onesies.  There are many more creative ideas students have come up with as well.  

On top of the student body and staff participating in the Halloween spirit, there are also elementary schools that came to our school to trick-or-treat. Ambassadors helped show them around while they were all dressed up in their costumes. These kids have shown to love this event. I mean, who wouldn’t love a chance to go on a field trip and get free candy!

Halloween is a time of the year where people get to indulge in numerous fun activities.  The spooky season is such an enjoyable time for all who celebrate. On the day of Halloween, people get together, go trick-or-treating, dress up, and leading up to this there are so many more exciting things.  Some examples of this are amusement park haunt events, decorations, carving pumpkins, and more.  Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, there is still an enjoyable time of year to love.  Fall is a great time to start getting cozy! Although it still is warm in California during the fall season, it’s still a great time to enjoy the weather beginning to cool down.

We should also understand the origins of Halloween. Halloween began as a pagan religious celebration, welcoming the end of the summer harvest.  During this time, people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off spirits or ghosts.  Previously, Halloween was known as All Hallows Eve. It was known as being the evening before All Saints Day on November 1st, being a time to honor saints.  There are a lot of origin stories behind the traditions we participate in today.  For example, wearing costumes began as a way to disguise in order to prevent evil spirits from terrorizing those behind the costumes.  There are many theories as to why trick-or-treating became a popular tradition among many, but a big theory people believe is that Celtic people would leave food out in order to distract and appease spirits away from people.  

Among all these traditions we follow or theories believed to have started them, it all comes down to people having a good time on this spooky night that only comes once a year.  We hope these traditions and celebrations never end.  


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