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The Eras Tour Movie

A review of the Eras Tour Movie
Courtesy of Fandango
Courtesy of Fandango

As you probably know, Taylor Swift decided to go on Tour.  She called it the Eras Tour because she had released four Albums since her last tour; one of which was canceled due to Covid-19. Between the months of March and August Swift toured the US. 

At the last stop of her tour in Los Angeles, fans noticed cameras on the first three nights. On the stage, soaring through the sky, by the merch lines, and more. At these shows, the light up bracelets Swift gives out were also bigger and brighter than the normal bracelets. At that moment it became evident that we would receive a documentary of this tour. 

And that is what happened;  because on September 26, 2023, Swift posted a picture on Instagram announcing the movie’s release on October 13, 2023. She titled it, Taylor Swift The Eras Tour, along with the logo of the concert. From the day it was announced, Swifties globally went wild trying to get tickets to the opening night. 

Each individual movie theater had their own rules but the majority of the theaters were promoting Eras Tour apparel, friendship bracelet trading, singing, and even dancing; making the movie a concert-like experience in the theater. Some movie theaters created a popcorn bucket and soda cup, and some were as crazy as to make a tote bag and light up a baton. 

I was lucky enough to see this amazing concert movie twice in theaters and see the show live on one of the nights she recorded the movie. This concert was the best day of my life and I feel as if the movie captivated that experience of the concert perfectly. I loved every minute of it. To respect the people near me, I didn’t dance, but I definitely sang my heart to the whole set list. Taylor Swift is an amazing performer and it really shows in the movie. 

You may be wondering if the experience is like the actual concert and no it’s not. Being there and seeing my favorite artist was an experience I will never forget, but it still was just as amazing of a show as in person, just without as many emotions.

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