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Mean Girls (2004): Part 1

A Movie Summary & Review
Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Since the new Mean Girls musical version came out last weekend, I thought it would be so fetch if I summarized the old version. In case you haven’t seen the classic high school comedy, let me recap it for you. (**spoilers ahead**)

Cady, previously a homeschooled student who lived in Africa most of her life, has to face high school for the first time. Right away, it’s like she got hit by a bus; she has to ask to go to the bathroom and be careful about where she sits at lunch. 

 She meets Janice and Damien who help her with the rules of high school and introduce her to all of the “cafeteria tribes.” Regina George asks Cady to sit with her and the rest of “the plastics,” as Janice calls them. The Plastics decide to let her sit with them and take her under their wing for the rest of the week. Janice hatches a plan to use Cady’s friendship with them to destroy the Plastics. After lunch, she meets Aaron in her Calculus class and immediately has feelings for him. The next day, she finds out from Gretchen and Karen, the other plastics, that Aaron is actually Regina’s ex-boyfriend, so he’s off-limits.

 Over the next few months, Cady sits with the Plastics at lunch, tells Janice about them, and very slowly gets closer to Aaron by lying about needing help in math class. Aaron invites her to a Halloween party, where all the other girls have cute outfits and she dresses as a zombie “ex-wife.” Karen is a mouse, duh. Everyone’s freaked out by Cady’s creepy costume, except for Aaron who admires that she did something different. Regina sees this and tells Cady that she’ll talk to him for her. Instead of helping out Cady, she just tries to get Aaron to not like Cady and ends up kissing him. 

Janice and Cady switch out face cream with foot cream and give it to Regina. They also gave Regina these bars meant to help someone gain weight but told her it could help her lose weight. She sends herself a candy gram from Regina, even though Gretchen didn’t get one from her, to mess with her and Gretchen’s friendship. Cady has to do a dance for the Christmas talent show, which is very inappropriate for a high school talent show, with the Plastics to “Jingle Bell Rock.” Unfortunately, and I know they don’t do this in the theater, but this is where I have to hit pause. Stay tuned to hear the rest of this story out next week!

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