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Mean Girls (2004): Part 2

A Movie Summary & Review
Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Sorry about leaving you at a cliffhanger there. Where were we? Oh, right, so the plastics had just performed their “Jingle Bell Rock” dance. Now that she did this dance, everyone is starting to notice Cady more. as she becomes more popular, she also becomes more fake and starts to ditch Janice and Damian. Regina isn’t enjoying Cady’s rise to popularity and the bars that Cady gave her are starting to make a difference. She wears sweatpants to school and Gretchen shuns her from their lunch group. “You can’t sit with us!” Cady blows off Janice to have a party at her house, with the intention of finally making a move with Aaron, and also doesn’t invite Regina. I know right! What a “dirty little liar!” 

She finds Aaron looking around her room and tries to come clean about how good she is at math but it blows up in her face, like word vomit. No, wait a minute. Actual vomit. As he’s walking away, Janice and Damian pull up. Wait, the ones who weren’t invited? Yup! Janice goes off on her and they drive away. And Damian wants his pink shirt back! Meanwhile, with another girl who wasn’t invited, Regina finds out that the bars Cady gave her were making her gain weight. In a fit of rage she rips a picture of her and Cady in half, grabs the Burn Book (oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, and they have this burn book where they write mean things about all the girls in their grade), puts the side with her face on a page, and calls herself ugly and few other things.

 The next day, she gives the book to Mr. Duvall (the principal), and acts like she just found it, and is upset about it. As Cady, Gretchen and Karen go to his office, Regina spreads printed pictures of the pages throughout the halls. Everyone else gets out of class to find these pages everywhere and fights break out. It was full tilt jungle madness. Except this time, I wasn’t imagining it. Mr. Duvall has to stop the fighting by turning on the fire extinguisher and calls a meeting for all the junior girls. Immediately! He tries to turn it into a bonding time but gives up and let’s Ms. Norbury take over. She has them apologize to each other and trust fall into the group of girls who would catch them. 

In Janice’s apology, she tells everyone about the sabotage that her and Cady had been planning. Regina storms off towards the parking lot and Cady runs after her to apologize. As Regina’s yelling at her, she gets hit by a bus! And that’s how Regina George died… No I’m totally kidding but she did get hurt. After this, Cady comes clean to everyone and for extra credit, in math, joins mathletes. She has her first competition, and makes the winning point for her team. Then, they all go to the Spring Fling, where Cady wins Queen. She apologizes for the Burn Book, breaks the crown and gives everyone a piece of it. She makes up with Janice and Damian. Makes up with Aaron and dances with him. Ok, grool. The plastics broke up and finally the girl world was at peace.


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