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Clubs are a great way to meet people and socialize with those who share common interests with you
Courtesy of Quad Education

Canyon High School offers an extremely wide variety of different clubs to any and every student on campus.  Clubs offer a way for students to find friends and groups with similar interests.  There are so many different opportunities provided through the system of our clubs.  

A club carnival takes place every semester in which up and coming clubs can promote themselves as well as clubs which have been running for a while.  While these carnivals take place, clubs can sell food and snacks as well as present games for students to enjoy.  

There are a lot of common misconceptions around joining school clubs.  Some might protest the fact that they don’t know if they’d enjoy it and don’t want to commit to anything.  Quite honestly, all you really have to do is come to one meeting and see how you like it.  Experiment and find your interests!  This could even possibly help you decipher future career interests.  In reality, clubs don’t require members to participate to the max or even attend meetings all the time.  Of course we encourage this, but we want people to participate at their own discretion.  The whole point of a club is for its members to have fun.   

There are clubs that align with certain pathways–such as the medical field–and even clubs that are geared towards students with a passion toward musicality.  There are so many possible clubs that you could look into at Canyon High School.  At least one has to spark your interest.  And even if after looking through them all, none appeal to you, you can start your own!  Each semester is a new opportunity for clubs to start up.  

  Ultimately, trying to find at least one club that you find interest in, may be good for you.  Participating in multiple different kinds of clubs can help you become a well-rounded individual and like mentioned before, help you gain a better understanding of your interests for the future.  So, why not start thinking about either joining a club or starting one?

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