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Discovering Personal Interests and Electives

A guide to selecting your 2024-25 school year courses
Courtesy of Audubon Park School

Every year, the time rolls around where you need to choose which classes to enroll in for the upcoming school year.  That time just so happens to be coming up right now.  A lot of students get stumped and aren’t sure which classes suit them and their interests.  This leads to students enrolling in classes that don’t quite pique their interests, leading to boredom.  Students not following or enjoying the class they’re enrolled in leads to a not-so-fun environment for both the teachers and students.  

Many students (I’m sure some of you may be included in this mix) want to participate and sign up for classes their friends are taking.  I mean, who could blame you?  I know I wouldn’t want to be alone in a class where I don’t know anyone.  But, there is a downside to enrolling in classes just because your friends are taking it.  How do you know you’ll get put in the same period as them?  There have been numerous times where I’ve chosen classes just because all of my friends were taking it.  It just so happened that I was put into periods with none of the people I know.  Thankfully though, it’s almost impossible to not meet and make friends in each of your classes.  

Now, let’s narrow it down and figure out what classes amuse you.  Canyon High School offers many electives for the student body.  An example for students who like expressing themselves through different types of hands-on projects is art.  Although taking a year of art is a requirement to graduate, many people thoroughly enjoy the class and decide to progress onto art 2 and even art 3.  If you enjoy art but want to focus it more on other aspects, there are many other options like video production classes and photography classes.  If art isn’t a main focus of yours, there are many medical, engineering, business, design classes, etc.  A great thing is that a lot of these classes count as CTE courses, which can help prepare you for future careers and interests as well.

Based on all this information, why wouldn’t you look into classes you’re actually interested in?  Through choosing classes you’re really interested in, you may find things which excite and intrigue you for future careers and opportunities.  So, look through all your options and figure out what sparks your interest!

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