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How to Survive Finals Week

Some tips on how to get through finals
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As the end of the school year approaches, the semester is coming to an end. Following that, finals are also starting. Finals are known to be really stressful because it is a review of the whole semester. In addition, people have to prepare and study for 5 different classes. Here are some tips on how to survive finals week. 

One of the most important tips would be to avoid the urge to procrastinate. That could be homework, and of course studying. There’s a lot of reasons why people struggle with procrastination. A few being a lack of motivation, low self confidence, or even a lack of understanding to complete the task. According to, it is suggested to plan for final exams at the beginning of the semester. This way it’s easier to avoid procrastinating. The article states, “When the source of procrastination is understood, it’s easier to avoid it from the beginning and set a course for success.” 

Another important tip is getting plenty of rest. I’m sure enough people have told you to get enough sleep, but it’s because if you don’t get enough sleep it can negatively affect you. Numerous sleep studies have shown that sleep enhances the brain’s capacity to concentrate. Sleep studies have also proven that sleep also helps with memory. The same article suggests, “There are plenty of easy steps you can take to increase sleep health, such as eliminating TVs, phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic gadgets from the bedroom; taking on a consistent schedule as soon as possible; and not consuming caffeine in the later hours of the day.” 

The final important tip is taking breaks. Taking breaks is much more effective rather than working or studying for a few hours straight. states, “An intentional study break (anywhere from around 5 minutes to an hour) refreshes your brain while simultaneously increasing your energy, productivity, and focus.” Some ways to take a break are stretching, a quick walk, a 5-10 minute nap, or even going on your phone for a few minutes.  

Once finals come to an end, you can reflect and think how you could even improve your studying habits. Good luck to everyone!

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