9 Popular Date Ideas Your S.O. Will Love

Amanda Quach and Edited by Valerie Alcala

  1. Movie Theater ($10-$20)

Some popular movies, such as Crazy Rich Asians or Incredibles 2, are films everyone can watch together.
(Tip: To save money, go on Sundays for the 5 dollar ticket deal)

2. Anaheim Packing House ($20)

If one of you is a picky eater, The Anaheim Packing House can accommodate anyone, as there are plenty of options to choose from and it’s a tad bit fancier than your regular mall food court.

3. Picnic at the Park (Free)

From Yorba Regional Park to The Oak Canyon Nature Center, picnics outdoors are a great way to relax and eat some homemade lunches together.

4. Disneyland ($200)

Although tickets may be pricey, Disneyland recently switched over to its fall decor, making for a cozy amusement park date.

(Fun fact: Lines are also the shortest around the fall season)

5. The Beach (Free)

If you want to stroll along the coast or go for a swim together the beach is a great place to hang out.

6. Art Museum (Free-$5)

Visiting your local art museum is a beautiful way of spending time with your partner. It’s a great conversation starter and lets you both bond over your different tastes.

7. Record Store (Free)

Another way to bond over your interests is going to a record store and sharing your tastes in music.

8. Outdoor Mall (Free)

Walking around and window shopping at any outdoor mall, such as Fashion Island, is a chill date idea.

9. Netflix and Pizza ($15)

Staying home, ordering pizza, and watching a new Netflix movie, like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, is a perfect night in.