Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

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Baseball Player (Girls)

What to Wear:

Baseball Jersey
Baseball hat
Black spandex
High knee socks
Cleats or sneakers

Tina From Bob’s Burgers

What to Wear:

Blue shirt
Dark blue skirt
Black glasse
Black and white converse
White socks
Yellow hair beret (optional)



What to Wear:

White shirt
High knee socks



Where’s Waldo?

What to Wear:

Red and white striped shirt
Red and white striped beanie or just a red beanie
Blue jeans
Brown boots
Black round glasses
A cane or camera (optional)


What to Wear:

Angel Wings
White dress or a white shirt with white pants
White or black shoes
Red Lipstick (optional)



What to Wear:

Red or black shirt
Devil Horns
Red Shoes
Black pants or red tutu
Trident (optional)
Red lipstick (optional)


What to Wear:

Khaki shorts
Tropical shirt
Straw hat
CameraFanny Pack (optional)

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Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes