Canyon High School’s RSE Presents: The Diviners


 Just last week from Oct. 30-Nov. 2 the Repertory Student Ensemble performed an insightful play called The Diviners right in Canyon High School’s wonderful cafeteria. This play featured some of our fellow students, including: Bryce Rivera, Emily Hood, Leo Chester, Eli Metoyer, Callan Engstrom, Hannah Cliburn, Silvia Ureno, Jason Contreras, Jennesa Weston, Michael McGowan, and Finn Morey.

The Diviners takes place during the Great Depression, where a small town called Zion is just trying to make ends meet. Our main character, Buddy Layman (Bryce Rivera), has a fear of water and is in search of a friend. C.C. Showers (Eli Metoyer) meets Buddy and realizes this boy may be the one who will help C.C. search for himself and his overall happiness.

This play truly captivates what it means to count your blessings and enjoy the simple things in life. Canyon’s RSE does an amazing job playing these characters on the simple stage with minimal props and never fails to entertain the audience each night they’re on stage.

To support our Repertory student Ensemble, attend their plays throughout the year! Tickets and concession funds go straight back into the program to make these plays better each time.
The next show is James and the Giant Peach and will be on Nov. 13 -Nov. 16.